Book Review of Twilight (Twilight, Bk 1)

Twilight (Twilight, Bk 1)
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In all honesty... it was THE most addictive book I've ever read. It's a little over 500 pages, pretty hefty! And I read it in 2 days. My house was a bit neglected but I couldn't help myself. Mrs Meyer has the skill (maybe even better than) of Dean Koontz to make you really know the characters, to either love them or hate them, to really feel something. I never thought I'd love characters more than I loved those in Koontz's book The Good Guy, I even loved the bad guy in that. There's just something that lifts off the paper and you are no longer where you are sitting reading this book, you are there with Bella and you are in love with Edward too, then you feel frustrated with him when she does and you feel anger at him when she does.

I really hesitated reading this book because it was titled for "young adults". But oh my gosh! I'm so glad I finally said, Ok, alright... let's see what all the fuss is about! I think if I hadn't had the next book already here at home I'd have had withdrawl symptoms!