Book Review of Tempted by Fire

Tempted by Fire
Tempted by Fire
Author: Thea Devine
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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He was her victim.
amid the glittering decadence of the Brighton gaming hall, Janiee Beaumont coolly surveyed her prey. A year ago, Lord Southam had taught her that women were objects to be fondled and toyed with as discreetly as the cards or dice. Now she meant to show him how well she could play his game. The handsome nobleman was just what she needed. Under his protection, she would have access to London's highest circles - and her long-lost father. He'd never know he was being used until she'd gotten what she wanted. But Janiee had reckoned without Southam's knowing caresses and masterful kisses. And all too soon she'd reaized she'd gambled everything only to lose her own shameless desires!

She was his pray.
Southam watched his lovely opponent with narrowed eyes. Not long ago, she'd been a spirited guttersnipe, eager to carve his heart out.Now she'd become an elegant goddess, determined to wager her virtue for a voucher to Almack's. Though he'd come for an evening's play, nothing more, Southam couldn't resist meeting her challenge. It would amuse him to unravel her tantalizing web of half-truths and temptations until he uncovered the woman beneath. And once he had her naked and wanting beneath him, he'd brand her as his with the fires of her own raging passion!