Book Review of Every Move She Makes

Every Move She Makes
Every Move She Makes
Author: Beverly Barton
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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As the pampered daughter of one of Spring Creek's most prestigious southern families, Ella Porter has lived her entire life on the straight-and-narrow. And being "good" has kept Ella safe and sane until now. Suggestive yet ominous letters have been arriving at her offiec with alarming frequency. Letters that remind her of the disturbing ones she used to get from Reed Conway, the hellraiser she knew from childhood, after her father prosecuted him for murder. Now Reed's been released from prison, and though Ella finds herself wanting to believe his claims of innocence, she's getting closer than a "good girl" ever should to a man with such a bad reputation...
Reed Conway is on a mission: to find out who really murdered his stepfather. But someone wants to interfere, someone determined to send Reed right back to prison for a brand-new crime. They've made it look like he's still a threat to Ella Porter and her family, when the truth is, the more he sees Ella, the more desperately he wants her. But his attempts to prove his innocence have put both their lives in jeopardy...because whoever is stalking Ella will stop at nothing, including murder...