Book Review of Harvest Home: American Settlers Gather the Harvest in Four Inspiring Novellas (Inspirational Romance Novella Collections)

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Each of the characters in Harvest Home has a harvest to gather,but more than a field crop will be gleaned from their labor.A Harvest Of Love is Liddy's reward when she seeks help in cutting the alfalfa crop after her husband's sudden death.The Applesauce War threatens a budding romance when,after a small misunderstanding,Pete's family refuses to help Verity's family pluck the apple crop.Then,Anna stubbornly wants to handle her citrus grove's Sunshine Harvest without the help of a church she mistrust,even though her soul thirsts for truth.Finally Catherine must learn to not Only believe in her ability to bring in the wheat harvest alone but to believe in the power of friendship and eternal love.God is faithful in tending to the hearts of his children.And only he can see the true harvest brought home.
I loved this book.If you like the pioneer,prairie type books you will like this one.