Book Review of Changing Places (Harlequin American Romance, No 125)

Changing Places (Harlequin American Romance, No 125)
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Written in the mid-80's, some of the attitudes and technology is dated, but the plots and snappy repartee remain fresh. There's nothing wimpy about Beverly Sommer's heroines...

THEY WERE THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN. What do you get when you cross a New York city slicker with a beer-dinking, pool-shooting good old boy? The citizens of Rock Ridge, Georgia couldn't rightly tell, with all the fur flying. The hostilities commenced about the time Carol Jones tried to buy Raney Caitlin a drink---as though any self-respecting man would let a woman pay his way! But Carol didn't understand the ways of country folk. She'd only exchanged her rent-stabalized New York apartment with the occupant of the quaint mountain cabin for six months. How oculd she learn the Rock Ridge way in so short a time? Worse yet, how could she learn to deal with Raney Caitlin?