Book Review of A Thousand Days in Tuscany : A Bittersweet Adventure

A Thousand Days in Tuscany : A Bittersweet Adventure
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Make sure you read this book when you have a full stomach. Marlena De Blasi has a way of making even the simplest things seem appetizing. She's a very intense, passionate woman and I can see why Fernando, the younger Italian man who is her husband, fell in love with her, an older American woman with grown children. Thousand Days in Tuscany starts off with Fernando quitting his banking job in Venice. He's had it with a formal office job. The couple moves to a small Italian village in Tuscany where they are embraced by the quirky villagers. In some ways, this book is remniscent of Peter Mayle's books about Provence, but De Blasi has a much different writing style. Mayle tends to have a more light-hearted approach and she has more intensity. While this is a good book, it's slow and not quite as captivating as her first book, A Thousand Days in Venice.