Book Review of The Lion's Game (John Corey, Bk 2)

The Lion's Game (John Corey, Bk 2)
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From a special observation post in New York's JFK Airport, members of the elite Anti-terrorist Task Force wait for a passenger arriving from Paris: an alleged Libyan terrorist known as "The Lion," who is defecting to the West. Everything is going as planned; Flight 175 with it's hundreds of passengers, including the Libyan and his CIA and FBI escorts, is right on schedule. Yet it soon becomes apparent that something is terribly wrong. John Corey, having survived 3 bullet wounds on the NYPD, knows that he's used up his allotment of good luck. Nevertheless, he signs on as a contract agent with the government. Kate Mayfield is John's senior in rank and junior in age-a bad combination for them both. Even so, she is able to hold her own against John's brash style. As a bloody trail of terror streaks across the country, John and Kate soon learn their quarry is more than a man; he has the instincts of a wild animal, the blood lust of a carnivore, and the boldness and speed of a cat of prey. The cunning, violence, and ruthlessness that John encounters are like nothing he has ever experienced before. To survive in a game with no rules, he must invent a strategy that includes no luck...