Book Review of Bad Girls Don't Die (Bad Girls Don't Die, Bk 1)

Bad Girls Don't Die (Bad Girls Don't Die, Bk 1)
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I don't really understand the high ratings for this book, however, I am a senior citizen but I read the YA books sometimes to know what young readers might like, so--

I thought this was all over the place and on the boring side (for me), it is very slow and draggy (for me), I didn't really find anything scary or creepy about it but yet I guess the young reader might be able to relate to the high school theatrics meaning I guess it's always the cheerleaders that are the 'mean girls'? I don't think so but this book is just another one that makes the cheerleaders look like selfish mean girls but yet the most popular? So that makes the main girl character look and sound like a creepy castoff loner with no friends and whines about it on every page

I'm giving it only 3 stars (2 is really enough) just because I think the YA reader would probably like it along with the paranormal aspect to it too