Book Review of The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad, Bk 5)

The Secret Place (Dublin Murder Squad, Bk 5)
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This was a non stop story, alternating chapters leading through the past up to the murder, with the all day activities of the 2 detectives trying to solve the murder.
This book is a fascinating look at the routines, dramas, and personalities of an expensive all girls private/ public in brit speak/ boarding school a half mile from a similar boys school. Talk about hormones and emotions...which are features as well.
I could not put it down. The personalities of the teen misses, cell phones, bullies, sycophants, nuns, headmistress, dorm life, hair and nails, sneaking out, mischief and malicious pranks.
The two detectives, both out of favor, MUST solve the murder or forever be filing records.
The alternating time line took a bit of getting used to, but the book did wrap it all up, and tie the loose ends together. Great detective work. Great read.