Book Review of The Girl Who Remembered Snow

The Girl Who Remembered Snow
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Charles Mathes' "The Girl Who Remembered Snow" not only has an interesting title, but it has a plot that is well thought through and a protagonist who is unusual and appealing. All of the characters have a memorable part to play in this mystery that starts out in San Francisco with the introduction of Emma Passant, a female magician who travels around the country performing her magic show. Emma has lived with her grandfather, Pepe Passant, since she was little, and now her beloved grandfather has been murdered.

All her life Emma remembers being a little girl holding hands with an adult and walking through deep snow, but she has never been out of the country and was never in snow as a child. The memory haunts her year after year.

Emma must bury her grandfather's ashes in the water at his request, so she is on a ferry to do just that when she asks a handsome French genteman if he will create a little scene while she does the burial because she is afraid of being caught throwing the box of ashes in the water. Emma can be very humble. Henri-Pierre Caraignac
yells, "I love San Francisco!" a couple of times and all eyes are on him, not Emma. Mission accomplished. Henri asks Emma to dinner.

Before Emma can have dinner with her new found friend, Henri is found murdered and with the same gun that killed her grandfather. Emma must put the pieces of this strange situation together.

This is an excellent mystery with several important characters and locations involved. It moves along fast and is very enjoyable. This is the first of Mathes' books that I've read, and although not a series with the same characters, I've ordered another of his "The Girl Who..." mysteries because I had such fun with this one.

A cozy mystery that will take you to international locations that are necessary for Emma to find out the real truth about herself and her family, and that's with a twist.