Book Review of Blindsided : Lifting a Life Above Illness: A Reluctant Memoir

Blindsided : Lifting a Life Above Illness: A Reluctant Memoir
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"Richard Cohen may be legally blind, but his book paints an incredibly sharp picture of what it is like to live passionately - with joy, love and anger - when besieged by chronic illnesses and their relentless artillery of uncertainty, fear,pain and disability. His life is drama on a human scale and well told."

"I cannot remember ever being more profoundly moved by any book I have ever read. Richard Cohen says he is less of a person than he was. He is wrong. He's a giant of a man who won't ever be defeated. Don't miss this book. It'a brilliant!"

This book is fascinating, brutally honest and moving. How much we are capable of enduring is amazing. We'll never know until faced with the choice. Some of us fall apart and others stand up with a strength we didn't realize we had. I have such admiration for Richard Cohen and his wonderful wife, Meridith Vieira who exhibits an amazing strength filled with love, honesty and great humor as well. Do yourself a favor and read all about it.