Book Review of Little Children

Little Children
reviewed Just okay for me on
Helpful Score: 4

Loaded with unlikeable, self absorbed characters I was unable to emotionally connect with Sarah and Todd...and because of this, I didn't particularly care about their romance or how it would ultimately turn out. Many professional critics dubbed this book laugh out loud funny...but I found it to be overall quite dull and at best mildly amusing in parts. The book is a very interesting look at the lives of several people in the middle of a mid life crisis before mid life. (if that makes a whit of sense). I can definatley see where I would have related to this book more if I had similar life experiences...much as Sarah's views on Madame Bovary change after reading it again later in life. If I'm ever unfortunate enough to be in a position in my life similar to Sarah's...perhaps I will return to Little Children with a fresh set of eyes.