Book Review of Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas
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Okay, all of the reviews I have read on this have been from the ladies, so I guess there has to be a first for the guys. LOL I know I am not the ONLY guy that has read it. :) Anyway, this book is not for one with a soft heart; then again, maybe it is. This story is basically about four people, Suzanne, Nicholas, Matt, and last, but certainly not least, Katie. It is a love story, a story about what's important in life, and about how most of us tend to take the important things, or people, for granted, and concentrate on the things which are secondary. Before you know it, what you truly hold dear is gone before you know it. I won't tell you GUYS to grab a box of Kleenex when you read it, but let's just say you are dead if the story doesn't touch you. (Okay, grab the Kleenex, I won't tell) A wonderful story that makes me want to end up being more like Matt every day.