Book Review of Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire
Author: Tammy Kane
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 6

This book got great reviews on Amazon and it had all the qualities that I usually like in a story, and yet I just couldn't get into it. It's a simply written story but it took me far too long to read it. I was only able to read a few pages at a time because I would find myself losing focus and thinking about other things and constantly re-reading the same passages--even the sex scenes--over and over. I should really like this story and it bothers me that I don't. There are a lot of badly written dragon romances out there and this at least is of better quality than those. The only thing I can think of when I contemplate why this book bored me to tears is that it just lacked soul. The characters seem to go through the motions and they say they love or hate each other but I don't *FEEL* their emotions or believe their actions on a visceral level. The whole story is very bland. If this story were a color it would be a very dour gray. The dragons are gray, the environment is gray, and the eyes of the dragonriders are gray. It's all so very monochrome.

I think, too, that the story tries to succeed as two separate genres, ie romance and fantasy, but doesn't marry the two properly. So one reads a dry romance and a bland fantasy novel. I've mentioned before that the dragons are gray in color and are otherwise very lackluster in character. This bothers me too. Dragons are such colorful creatures of lore, in hue as well as in character. I suppose I wanted Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders Of Pern series and got something far more prosaic.