Book Review of Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 6)

Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, Bk 6)
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This book was less than mediocre. Now that I've read all of the first six books that I wasted good money on in this series, I'll just be using credits or a local library to get the rest since I'm not on the edge of my seat needing to be mentally punished. I've learned my lesson and will no longer be buying more than half a series of books without having only bought at least the first one to read as a sample.

I just don't know how these can be considered a detective series when there's really not a lot of detecting, but mostly a lot of stumbling upon oddball problems and getting out of sticky situations at the last moment. Sookie is sometimes just such a moron that it's unrealistic that anyone like her could figure out the things she does on her own when it's been done without her telepathy.

A lot of times, I find it weird that people who know Sookie still consider her a freak when there's shows on TV like "Psychic Detective" and "Ghost Hunters" and other paranormal shows that are pretty popular. The series likes to use so many other modern aspects of our time that it's really strange that people wouldn't be proud of having a telepath in their community. They certainly know when to use her to their advantage.

The Wal-Mart plugs have gotten to be annoying throughout these books. I'm still trying to figure out if they're there more than other plugs because the A) author owns stock, B) want's a life-time discount, C) loves greedy corporate companies with poor health-care coverage for their employees, D) is stereo-typing some social class or another, E) is hoping they'll promote her book more or F) all of the above. Yes, I understand we all shop there, but they really don't need any more advertising. I really prefer authors who mention little mom and pop stores who can use the business.

We now also find out that Sookie has fairy blood in her. Even though, until this book, all these other supernatural beings hadn't smelled it on her before... plot holes drive me nuts.

So do grammatical errors. If I had a dollar for every one in this book alone, I'd buy a better series to read. Has the author ever taken any kind of writing class? Good grief, I'm this far through the series and she (or her editors) still hasn't figured out when you don't need a comma in a sentence. You have to unnecessarily pause so often while reading it's like driving down a long, busy street through town that has decided to put a stop sign at EVERY intersection when you're just trying to pass through.

I started reading this series because I'd had it around for more than a year collecting dust and then really enjoyed the "True Blood" series and was antsy and wanted to know what was going to happen next. Well, even though most of those questions were answered, the show is better. I really have tried to like this book series but it's just been one disappointment after another.