Book Review of When God Seems Far Away

When God Seems Far Away
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Everyone feels far away from God at one time or another. Sometimes it's our own emotions or desires that get in the way of God's love for us. Other times it is guilt or grief brought on by events beyond our control. Or it may be the image of our earthly father that taints and spoils our understanding of the Heavenly Father. Whatever the reason, the author, comforts us with the knowledge tha we are not alone. She, like many other women, hjas struggled with feeling of distance from God. And through a reflective study of the Hebrew biblical names of God, she unveils His perfect responses to our separateness. His timely revelations of His true identity can meet our needs just as they met the needs of men and women of old. Encounter this God who shows Himself to be all we need. And discover the meaning He can bring to your deepest hurts, your most troubling secret, your least understood emotion.