Book Review of Dawnkeepers (Nightkeepers, Bk 2)

Dawnkeepers (Nightkeepers, Bk 2)
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Helpful Score: 3

That's it! I'm done with this series. I tried to like it. I tried to get through the 5 books I prematurely bought before I'd read the first one. At this point I'm calling it quits. Life is too short and too hard to waste on books we don't like.

I really wanted to like this series. It has a fresh take on mythology, is obviously well researched, and the author is intelligent. It just somehow is so clinical. The story is too long. Too much of the characterization is told instead of shown. And there is an extensive cast of characters whose stories are intertwined with Nate's and Alexis' supposed romance. It's just such a battle to get through all these characters, most of whom I don't like and who just run around a lot and don't get anything done. Then they have sex because that's how magic works in this universe, but it is all so detached and the opposite of passionate that I just skim through them. Then our lovebirds are so awful together but because they share a "destiny" we are supposed to get behind their not-so-epic love. Plus Nate is such a d**che the entire time, that I can't fathom why Alexis would put up with him even if they are destined. (He wants her, he doesn't want her, he wants her, he doesn't want her because she's not his perfect fantasy woman, now he wants her again because she's interested in getting on with her life.) Since they are such a small part of the overall book, I could overlook their terrible characterization if the other good guys weren't too stupid to live. Seriously, how many times must a character burn a place down, screw up a mission, and have a temper tantrum before you just DON'T put him on a mission anymore????

I'm so done. I'm putting the rest of my unread books up for swapping.