Book Review of Naked Truth (Dragon One, Bk 1)

Naked Truth (Dragon One, Bk 1)
Naked Truth (Dragon One, Bk 1)
Author: Amy J. Fetzer
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

With NAKED TRUTH, author Amy J. Fetzer delivers a romantic suspense novel with no-holds-barred. There's an undercover agent waking up next to a dead man with no memories of the last month and a CIA operative forced into hunting down a suspected rogue agent who just may have caused him his good name within the company. This book definitely starts off with a bang and keeps on delivering.

U.S. Marine Killian Moore went undercover years ago to infiltrate a drug cartel led by an hellacious and evil Colombian. Unfortunately, someone compromised his mission, and although Killian escaped with his life, the military labeled him a tarnished and unreliable agent. Killian has lost his home within the military, and most of his self-esteem-what he hasn't lost, however, is his desire for revenge against the mole who caused his undercover operation to collapse three years ago.

Alexa Gavlin has been undercover herself, attempting to cozy up to the leader of the same cartel that Killian was once hunting. Her cover is blown now, however, thanks to a dead man in her bed and a chemically altered memory of the last month. Now her fellow agents believe she's gone rogue, and have sent one of their own to hunt her down and eliminate the perceived threat. Alexa knows that someone will be coming, but she never counts on Killian being the man ordered to kill her.

The only problem, of course, is that Killian isn't so sure that Alexa is the rogue the military thinks her to be. Too much is happening, to both of them, that seems to suggest there's a terrorist organization working way too closely with the U.S. government to eliminate both of the agents.

NAKED TRUTH is so many things at once-a romantic suspense book, a military operative, an action-adventure story. Overall, this book takes two characters that you know are made for each other, and throws them into situations where one or both of them might not make it out alive. Ms. Fetzer has done a wonderful job of implementing governmental procedures with a backdrop of foreign soil to make you feel as if you're there with the hero and heroine, fighting for freedom right along with them.

Passion unfolds between Killian and Alexa at exactly the right pace, at precisely the right point in the story. The cartel that both operatives have attempted to bring down at points in their lives is brought to vivid life, and the war on terrorism is plainly painted for the reader to see. Overall, NAKED TRUTH is a definite winner for all lovers of the romantic suspense genre-the struggle of the main characters for love and redemption is painstakingly written, and you'll cherish your front-row seat in this exciting and perilous ride.