Book Review of A Million Little Pieces

A Million Little Pieces
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Helpful Score: 10

This book took quite a while to suffer through. The repetition used for effect got old, pretty fast, and while a few parts of the book towards the middle and end are underline worthy (literary lines of brilliance), the book on the whole fails to inspire the reader, or leave them with a feeling of importance ("now that was a story worth telling!")...I felt as though I'd wasted half my week trying to sit through this novel. The fact that it's mostly false doesn't help either. The lack of style in writing can't make this story stand on it's own as a fictional piece of work. I can excuse stories that are embellished, but only if they're good books in the end.
Also, I've read stories of addiction before, and I know recovering addicts...James seems a bit too compliant with the clinic at first. In the first couple weeks his character is already talking about this rehab being a good thing. Addicts are reluctant. It's just fact. They want their drugs--- they need them, and they'll do anything to get out of clinic.
2 stars out of 5.