Book Review of The Fortress of the Pearl (Elric Saga, Bk 7)

The Fortress of the Pearl (Elric Saga, Bk 7)
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This is an interesting "in between" story of Elric. He is shown in a desperate situation, almost dying, and restored by a viciously addictive liquid. Only by acquiring a fabulous pearl from a sleeping young girl can he be released.

His quest takes him through different lands of dreams, with a dream thief as a guide. Combining their talents, they avoid traps and gain their goal. Which comes to the question: how real are dreams? If we dream of something constantly, do we make it real? If we are hurt in dreams, do our bodies bleed?

And the last portion, which I hesitate to mention, in case I spoil those who haven't read this book yet, promises a "to be continued" .