Book Review of The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife (Desert Princes, Bk 2) (Harlequin Presents, No 2620)

The Sheikh's Unwilling Wife (Desert Princes, Bk 2) (Harlequin Presents, No 2620)
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Should be named: The Sheikh's Door-matt Wife
I absolutely could not stand Gio in this book. From the first chapter he was arrogant, unbarable and just plan arachic and those are his most decent qualities. Alexa well lets just say in my opinion she has set the womens movement back a good century...she was a whimp and it showed. I mean there is being in love with someone yes that is understandable....but I kept trying to figure out where her self-respect and self esteem went...some where in her shoes perhaps. Alexa left Gio because he thought her a slut and worse because she wasn't this sainted virgin that he believed he was entitled to marry...spare me!!!!! and for this she was verbally abused and made to feel like she was less than nothing....mind you she never lied to him saying that she was a virigin. His own assumption had him thinking that and he became sorely disappointed on their wedding night....From this point on Alexa " is made to suffer" because god forbid she slept with someone else before knowning the Magnamus Gio......This book made me sorry angry I got through it by the skin of my teeth...