Book Review of Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do: A Novel

Some Things I Never Thought I'd Do: A Novel
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This was a charming read. I really liked the way the author "talked to the reader". The sense of humor is wonderful and i found myself chuckleing in just the first couple pages and then the rest of the way thru out the story. Aunt Abbie is a wise wonder of a woman, she calls herself a "visionary adviser" and seems to know when things are going to happen. Her neice just getting out of rehab and is trying to save the family home, begging the banker to give her a little more time, i laughed so much my husband came into the room to see what was so funny. This book is not about drugs, just love and family and the sense of belonging, and comfort with your roots. I have read one other book by this author, "What Looks Like Normal on an Ordinary Day" and i very much enjoyed her way with language. Easy and enjoyable read, down to earth and very entertaining.