Book Review of The Magical Christmas Cat: Stroke of Enticement / Christmas Bree / Sweet Dreams / Christmas Heat

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Helpful Score: 6

I got this book because I have been reading Nalini Singh's Psy/Changling series. The main characters were DarkRiver Leopard Zack and a human named Annie. Lucas, Sascha and Mercy, from previous books, were heard from in this short story. I must admit that it was my favorite story in the anthology, but then again, I just finished reading Ms. Singh's other 5 books, so I have been immersed in that world.

The Lora Leigh story continued her Breeds storyline with one of the enforcers and a human librarian from the town just outside of Sanctuary. I was very pleasantly surprised with this story. It had sensual elements without the going graphically overboard as I have found in some of her other books.

The story by Erin McCarthy I had a hard time getting into. I ended up basically scanning the story and hitting the highlights. The story was okay, but just didn't grab my attention. There were parts that just didn't ring true to the story and several sections that felt rushed and choppy.

Linda Winstead Jones' story was quite good once I got past the first few pages. Ruby is being targeted by a demon who must consume his 9th and final soul to be free to roam the earth. She doesn't know it but Zane, her stuffy professor neighbor, can help her if she can just learn to trust him.

All 4 of the stories take place around Christmas time and involve a cat in some form. Lora Leigh's story focuses on Christmas the most of any of the stories and it is a major theme in her plot line. Overall, this was a great book, especially if you have been reading the Psy/Changling or Breed series.