Book Review of Raising Atlantis (Atlantis, Bk 1)

Raising Atlantis (Atlantis, Bk 1)
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In Antarctica; a glacial earthquake swallows up a team of scientists...and exposes a mysterious monument older than the earth itself.

In Peru; archaeologist Dr. Conrad Yeats is apprehended by US Special unlock the final key to the origins of the human race.

In Rome; the pope summons environmental activist Sr. Serena Serghetti to the Vatican...and reveals a terrifying vision of apocalyptic disaster.

In space; a weather satelite reveals four massive storms forming around the South Pole...and three US Spy satellites disappear from orbit.

These are the end of times, when the legends of a lost civilization and the prophecies of the world's great religions lead a man and a woman to a shattering discovery that will change the fate of humankind. This is the ultimate voyage, a journey to the center of time, as awe-inspiring as the dawn of man - and as inevitable as doomsday. This is Raising Atlantis...