Book Review of Chloe (Women of Ivy Manor, Bk 1)

Chloe (Women of Ivy Manor, Bk 1)
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Chloe Lorraine Kimball is born on her family's estate of Ivy Manor in the wee hours of january 1, 1990. The happiness surrounding her birth will not last long. For despite a home filled ith everything a young girl could want, Chloe lacks the one thing she desires above all else: love. She is young and beautiful, bright and kind, yet she is nothing more than a pretty decoration for her mother's social circles and a tool for her father's political career.
And so, with the help of friends - one of whom cares for Chloe more than she's prepared to acknowledge-Chloe strikes out on her own. escaping into New York City's bohemian world of the Roaring Twenties, she begins to live life on her own terms, determined to stand apart from her family. She embraces marriage and a career. But none of it-not even motherhood-brings her what she longs for.
In the end, as the Depression comes crashing into her life, Chloe must realize that peace comes from within-and that love can't be forced...or denied. Only then will she be able to find the joy that is waiting for her. But will she discover how to claim it once and for all before it's too late?