Book Review of To Tame a Rebel

To Tame a Rebel
To Tame a Rebel
Author: Georgina Gentry
Book Type: Hardcover
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Book description from inside flap:


A Rebel soldier killed his brother. Now the fires of revenge burn in the soul of Creek warrior Yellow Jacket as he prepares to join his tribe in battle against his sworn enemies. To keep their plans secret, Yellow Jacket is forced to take a nurse prisoner. He has nothing to fear from Twilight Dumont, a gentle Southern belle--except for the unexpected passion that could break down the walls between them...or keep them apart forever...


A lieutenant in the famed Cherokee Mounted Rifles, Jim Eagle has cast his lot with the Confederacy. After capturing a Union supply boat, he is shocked to find that one of the young soldiers is actually a stunning Cherokee woman--and a spy. Eastern-educated April Grant has come to Indian territory to root out a traitor...but on which side? Now, Jim Eagle is torn between a deadly desire for the courageous beauty--and his duty to the Rebel cause...


As the country is torn by Civil War, two men have chosen sides--but they cannot choose their destinies. Their paths will cross, their loyalties will be tested--and love for two exceptional women will make their hearts beat faster than the drums of war...