Book Review of Maiden of the Winds (Celtic Journeys, Bk 7)

Maiden of the Winds (Celtic Journeys, Bk 7)
Maiden of the Winds (Celtic Journeys, Bk 7)
Author: Janeen O'Kerry
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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In ancient Eire, several years ago Keavy shared a magical encounter with a golden eagle that she believed was actually the man that fate intended to be her eternal mate. Over time, the beautiful Keavy rejected suitors waiting for her mate to arrive. However, as she approaches her twenty-fifth birthday, her parents have had it with her rejecting all males. They give her a choice to marry a person they have selected or be exiled into servitude. Reluctantly she agrees to wed the stranger from a foreign land though her future spouse too does not want to marry either. They agree to a marriage of convenience.
However, her groom fails to inform Keavy of a custom of his people. The bride spends her first night with the king and not her spouse. King Aengus finds he is attracted to the newcomer and cannot help but stare at her with his eagle like eyes. As they begin to fall in love, she wonders if he is that eagle from years ago even while both worries that their actions could lead to war between their respective homelands.

The seventh of eight book in the Celtic Journeys series, MAIDEN OF THE WINDS at first makes the lead female protagonist seem too much a paragon as Keavy seems to have no flaws. When she travels to her new home, Aengus makes her real and turns the tale into a delightful romantic fantasy with two warm characters struggling between love and duty. Fans of the series will enjoy the latest entry, but need patience for once the prime duo meet, the novel turns magical.