Book Review of The Offer (Baron, Bk 1)

The Offer (Baron, Bk 1)
The Offer (Baron, Bk 1)
Author: Catherine Coulter
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback

I liked both main characters especially Sabrina but I don't really think Phillip loves her as much. I didn't really see how he went from thinking of her as sort of a little sister to his woman.

When her new brother-in-law attempted to rape her, Sabrina Eversleigh ran away, and she would surely have died in a blizzard if Philip Mercerault had not rescued her. After he nurses her back to health, he learns that instead of being a hero, he has compromised the lady (technically, he was saving her life but since he saw her naked...). There's only one honorable thing to do and that is to marry her. But she turns him down! Then she understands her predicament and asks him to marry her.