Book Review of Marna

Author: Norah Hess
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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In the backwoods of Kentucky, on the eve of the American Revolution, brothels thrived and men had their way with the local Indian beauties. Marna, untamed and innocent, was forced to disguise her charms to escape their unquenchable lust. But concealing her good looks behind a mask of soot and hiding her voluptuous figure couldn't prevent her lecherous grandfather from wanting to sell her body. A loveless marriage to a rugged hunter seemed to be her only escape from a life of prostitution. Yet Marna was determined to be happy, even if it meant living with a man who grimaced at the sight of her. Matt Barton loved his life of freedom, until a poisonous snake bite changed everything. Sudden;y he found himself bound to a sense of duty to marry the wild girl who had saved his life. Despite her ragged looks and feisty spirit, Matt found himself yearning for her and the comfortable home she offered. Though jealous of the many men who wanted to have her body for their own, Matt was the last to see Marna's true beauty. It was a tumultuous time, and in the wild woods where anything could happen, was it too late for Matt to win back the heart of the woman he had loved?