Book Review of Single by Saturday (Weekday Bride, Bk 4)

Single by Saturday (Weekday Bride, Bk 4)
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In order to make money so she can someday open a home for teen runaways, Karen Jones enters into a marriage of convenience with Michael Wolfe. Michael is a closeted Hollywood actor who doesn't want rumors to ruin his leading man status. Now celebrating a year of marriage, Karen and Michael are surprised when his brother Zach Gardner crashes their anniversary party. Zach tells Michael that his family is upset. Michael's been married for a year and they still haven't met his wife. They are wondering if she was even real. Michael promises that he and Karen will visit the family in the near future. Karen knows she will have to call on her acting skills to play the happily married wife around Michael's family. She'll also have to pretend she doesn't find her brother-in-law extremely sexy.

This is the fourth book in the Weekday Brides series. As I said with the last book, this series just gets better and better. The characters in this book are well developed and feel like real people. I liked the pairing of Karen and Zach, and the fact that they felt guilt about the attraction they felt for each other. I loved Michael and Zach's family and hope to see more of them in future books. My rating: 5 Stars.