Book Review of Barchester Towers (Oxford Pocket Classics)

Barchester Towers (Oxford Pocket Classics)
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Took me awhile to get into this read but once I did I found it so delightful. If one has the ideas that men of the church are saintly this book will help them discover that they are too human men who exhibit greed, dislike, hate, and more. Towers is probably the most widely read of this series. It's the second but each novel in the series is written to stand alone so whichever one a reader chooses ends. The series begins with The Warden. Others are Doctor Thorne, Fromley Parsonage, The Small House on Allington and The Last Chronicle of Barset. Each novel features different key individuals.

Towers introduces Mrs. Eleanor Bold, a pretty and wealthy young widow, who is wooed by three different individuals only one of whom loves her for herself. The others seek her wealth. The ups and downs of the courtships provides much opportunity for the reader to enjoy human foibles. Her father, the gentle saintly Mr. Harding, avoids conflict whenever and however he can. We find a bishop whose every move is dictated by his wife, a sanctimonious brother-in-law who tries to tell Eleanor what to believe and how to live her life, and the Quiverfuls, a family whose very existence depends on Mr. Quiverful achieving a higher station to support his fourteen children and satisfy his debtors. All in all this is a most enjoyable read and I look forward to checking more novels in this series.