Book Review of An Affair Most Wicked

An Affair Most Wicked
An Affair Most Wicked
Author: Julianne MacLean
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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I was a big fan of "To Marry The Duke" (the first book in the trilogy) but THIS book was a big letdown. In the first place, Clara and Seger (and how do I pronounce that name anyway?) were cardboard characters. We keep hearing how handsome Seger is -- enough already, after the tenth description of his blond hair, dimpled chin and huge hands (and guess what THAT means). I think the author had to keep going on about his good looks in order to give him SOMETHING as a character, since he has no depth whatsoever. Clara is just a nothing heroine; she's nowhere near as interesting as her sister Sophia was (and in this book, Sophia is as dully written as Clara). Even NOT comparing this book to To Marry The Duke, it's really pretty poor. The sex scenes are pretty potent I'll admit, but for me, a romance novel is more than just that -- this novel had NO plot that was worth telling, NO characters worth remembering, nor enough interest to keep me turning the pages...When Seger began to write letters to Clara, I thought, at last, a really interesting plot turn. What a different plot device - and now we'll start to learn something about Seger's past. Then, THAT plot device was blown, because all the letters contain are Seger's offering Clara discreet sexual encounters! Will ya or won't ya, basically. Then we're supposed to be moved because he makes the effort to redeem himself and pays a respectable call on Clara after writing to her with the offers for sex? The book left me feeling annoyed for wasting my time reading it.