Book Review of 50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls, Bk 1)

50% Off Murder (Good Buy Girls, Bk 1)
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My TBR pile is growing every day. I have friends, family and co-workers that all know I love books. I am not ashamed of my TBR pile, but I do admit that books that are "first in a new series", well, I tend to get to them when I am in the mood. I want to read them, but starting a new series and then the next book not following for a few months or even a year, I just keep putting it off. That is what I did with this book and today, I finally got it out and now I am saying "Self, why did you do that?"
I love this series! Maggie is just as loveable as she can be and you know what? All of the characters in the book are not only unique in their own way, but could be the neighbor next door. That is what I love about it! Along with the tips to save money and in today's economy, who could not use the tips, right?
"First in a new series" books, they sometimes have a slow read in them. Not this one! I was caught up in the first 10 pages and found that I did not want to put it down. Now I am finding myself saying, "Self, why are you surprised?" Jenn McKinlay is writing as Josie Belle and we all know how enjoyable her books are!
So as I write this, I say, "bring it on, Josie Belle". I am ready for book two!