Book Review of The Wilde Side

The Wilde Side
The Wilde Side
Author: Janelle Denison
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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would have to agree with many of the previous reviews, this was the most boring story of the Wilde Series. I thought the book was too long and would have worked better as a short story or even novella. The two main characters are Scott Wilde and Ashley St. Claire.
By page 3, I realized Ashley was the woman who helped Matthew pick out items for Faith in the third installment of this series, "All She Wants For Christmas." I was pleasantly surprised that she was the female lead in this book.
I thought the first sex scene was too long. I can hear the gasps now. I felt it caused the book to be unbalanced. There is continuance of the adults playing a child's game theme from books one and two of this series. In this book, it's follow the leader and pool tag. The follow-the-leader was done well.
I thought her hiding her idenity was an interesting twist. I thought it worked ok, but went on too long.
By page 84, I got bored with the book. I started skimming. I can honestly state this was the first time in any of the books in this series that I did.
If this would have been a short story, another off shot could have been Ashley's sister Madison and her husband. It would have been great to see have characters who are already married and the stuggle they have. I would've liked to have more on Madison's husband and his point of view.
And as previous reviewers have written, it was great to get caught up with the previous characters from other stories and novel. I really enjoyed the contest between Erik and Steve.
My reading partner was so bored with this book, she skipped to the end. She also had a comment on the cover. She wanted a hotter body with some worn work gloves and tigher jeans.
I give the sex scenes 2 chili peppers-a little warm but not buring up with heat.