Book Review of Crescendo (Hush, Hush!, Bk 2)

Crescendo (Hush, Hush!, Bk 2)
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I received an Advance reading copy of this book, it is due out October 19. While I usually don't have spoilers in my reviews, I will in this one, so be warned.

**********SPOILER ALERT*************

After reading hush, hush, and being severely disappointed, I hoped Crescendo would make a strong comeback. My hopes were quickly destroyed. I had to force myself to finish it. This book is even worse than hush, hush! The characters have gotten more annoying, and the story line is completely out of whack. Here are my words to describe Nora, the lead character, annoying, stupid, liar, thief, and idiot. Vee, her best friend is even more annoying that last time. Patch is on the tip of driving you crazy, but thankfully he isn't in this much. It is just the same thing through the entire book, Nora and Vee, "Lets play spy like we are 10 years old!" "Yea good idea, lets steal things that aren't ours, stalk people, and break into place illegally!" Lame. They honestly do this four or five times throughout the book. After the second, it gets really old. Nora steals things left and right, yea thats a really good example. Then she thinks its a good idea to follow and stalk people that are obviously dangerous. She purposely puts herself into dangerous positions even though she tells herself it is wrong.

The story line is completely bogus. It doesn't keep track with anything that is going on. Once, Nora gets a card from Patch that has a drug in it that makes her pass out, and the next day she feels safe enough to talk calmly to him. WHAT?!?!? If you don't trust this guy, and he is obviously involved with someone you hate, why are you being so naive? UGH!

It is just an awful book. The characters lack character, the plot is a plop. I do admit, the ending was better than I had hoped for, but not by much. I am sorry to all hush, hush fans, but this book sucks. 0 out of 5 stars. And I only gave it half a star on here because I had to do something to write this review.