Book Review of Land of Dreams (Harlequin Historical, No 265)

Land of Dreams (Harlequin Historical, No 265)
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Too-tall Thea Coulson, the spinster, lives at home with her rancher father, stepmother, and stepsisters. When an orphan train comes to their town, Thea takes a crippled, mute young girl to raise. After two months, Booker Hayes, a retired military soldier, comes to claim his niece. He's building a house and a mill but soon realizes he is ill-equipped to tend to a young child. He hires Thea; after all, his niece prefers her over Booker.

This story has a bit of everything, including sod houses, orphan trains, Indians. It deals with the positive and negative experiences of children who travel on the orphan trains. It also shows that it sometimes takes an outsider to recognize a person's value.