Book Review of The Alexandria Link (Cotton Malone, Bk 2)

The Alexandria Link (Cotton Malone, Bk 2)
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This is my 3rd Steve Berry book, and it might be my last.
He is writing in the style of Dan Brown, with short 2 pg chapters written from various points of view (the hero, the villain, the unknown entity, etc) but it just doesn't work with this book. I didn't care about ANY of the characters.
The plot, here it is. The King James version of the Bible is flawed, the only true version is in the preserved, yet hidden, lost library of Alexandria. Only a few scholars have ever been invited to go on the quest to the library. One of those scholars has become the focus of an evil plot to ....dirupt the middle east peace process? undermine all three of the world's major religions? make an evil European secret society filthy rich(er)? Our hero must protect this scholar and world from this plot.
Sounds intriguing, but somehow Berry involves the POTUS and Vice POTUS, CIA, Hamas, and a host of other characters not worth caring about. All I really wanted was the history and the glorious quest to find the library! Enough with the espionage!