Book Review of Dog On It (Chet and Bernie, Bk 1)

Dog On It (Chet and Bernie, Bk 1)
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This is a fantastic book. It is told from the dog's point of veiw. Chet is a K-9 police reject, and he is Bernie's partner in the Private Eye buisness.
When a teen comes up missing, the mother comes to Bernie for help, but as Bernie is investigating, the teen comes home. All seems fine, except Bernie is not satisfied with the answer the teen gives.. not is all as it seems.
The teen comes up missing again, but this time it is for real..... Chet and Bernie are on the job again.
Bernies car ends up vandalized, and Chet gets hurt in the process.
The investigation is on...Chet comes up missing.
What happens next is a slap stick, mystery comedy..
Bernie takes up with bikers.. gets put in the pound and gets rescued.
Wow! Russian gangsters, bikers, shelter workers... a rude parrot and a fishy sounding real estate deal..
Will Chet save the day??