Book Review of Crystal Singer (Crystal Singer, Bk 1)

Crystal Singer (Crystal Singer, Bk 1)
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Ive been a fan of Anne McCaffrey ever since I read the first few paragraphs of the Hugo-winning short story Dragonflight. Who knew it would generate another dozen or so books?

When I was in 10th grade (1964), I was taught that the purpose of a novel is to portray characters. Ive since learned that telling a good story is just as important. McCaffrey does both, and she does them quite well.

Although Ive read almost all of McCaffreys dragonbooks and many of her short stories, for some reason, Id never read Crystal Singer. Having accumulated a bunch of Paperbackswap credits, I spent one. I only had to read some ten or fifteen pages before I ran back to Paperbackswap to order the other two books in the series, Killashandra and Crystal Line.

Readers of Crystal Singer are quickly absorbed into a world of the future, where those who mine and retrieve crystal from its source planet may become rich and curiously insane. We learn only the basics about finding and collecting crystal, and only a few hints about its many powers. The society which makes up the population of Ballybran, the source planet, is necessarily highly-regulated, from the lowest caterers assistant, to the widely-varied support staff, to the singers themselves, on up to the Guild Master.

One need not be a McCaffrey fan to thoroughly enjoy this book, but if you are one you must not miss it. I cant wait until I receive the other two books in the series. Crystal Singer is a wonderful read and I conclude this review with one typical Ballybran word: Remember!