Book Review of Land of Dreams (Harlequin Historical, No 265)

Land of Dreams (Harlequin Historical, No 265)
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Ex-Major Booker Hayes finds a jewel of the prairie in Thea Coulson when he is trying to locate his little niece. He is not looking for a wife but does not let opportunity pass him by.
Little Zoe needs a mama and someone to love her [and help plant her acorn] -- Thea needs some one to love her and banish her too-tall image and provide her with a family of her own.
Lucas needs both Thea and Booker to bring stability to his life and to teach him to trust adults. And of course, Booker's friend, Red Horse helps even though he remains in the back ground of their lives.
Finally a heroine who remains true to herself and waits for a husband to teach her the mysteries of love. [Real love and respect]. And does she tantilize him! [grin] - Truly a great story of basic need and love and sharing. She stands by her man.
There are not enough words to express the satisfaction and enjoyment ones gets from these truly human characters.

LAND OF DREAMS is an endearing tale of a self-believed plain spinster and a man with dreams of a serene life with his disabled orphaned niece, Zoë. Ex-military Major Booker Hays finds not only a loving and protective mother for young Zoë, but an alluring wife to soothe his soul. Thea Coulson discovers motherhood to be everything she dreams about and Booker Hays to be the man of those dreams.