Book Review of By Possession (Medieval, Bk 1)

By Possession (Medieval, Bk 1)
By Possession (Medieval, Bk 1)
Author: Madeline Hunter
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

From reading two of her books, I've decided Madeline Hunter writes really mean romances. This is the second in a trio, and I've alsoread the first, "By Arrangement." Both of her men are possessive (yeah, I know that's the title...) but not possessive in a protective, loving way. Addis, the man in "By Possession" treats Moira with a "you're mine, you have no rights, I'm only letting you think you have any say" attitude and I couldn't stand it. I only finished the book because several reviewers said they liked it so much so I had to see if it changed. The last couple pages were great! Exactally what Addis should have been doing all along! These last pages hardly made up for the other 368.
Maybe this is a bit more realistic for the way a bondswoman and her lord would act towards each other, but I guess that's not what I want to read in a romance novel.

The story itself had a lot going on. There was some pagan mysticism (should have been a lot more of it, or none at all), a political uprising (which seemed to have very little consequence), and family intrigue (which got hastily summed up in the last ten pages or so).

The third book is about a character introduced in "By Possesion." There was an excerpt at the end of the book which leads me to believe Ms. Hunter has created a new, nicer, character type. I plan on finishing the trio but I hope the last book isn't as spiteful as "By Possession."