Book Review of Marrying Mom

Marrying Mom
Marrying Mom
Author: Olivia Goldsmith
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Audio Cassette
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Imagine trying to find a senior mom a husband so yo you do not have to spend Christmas with her.Phyllis Geronomous is witty, blunt, razor sharp -- and the despair of her family.She's a senior citizen and an original, still trying to run the lives of her three grown children. As far as they're concerned, Phyllis' best attribute is that she's a Florida resident while they live in New York. Then Phyllis decides that she's going to move back to the Big Apple. Sigourney, Sharon, and Bruce just can't let crazy Phillis ruin their lives all over again. Christmas is unbearable enough with a visit from Mom -- and now she wants to stay?

Only Sig has the ideal solution: they'll join forces and marry Mom off. They call the plan "Operation Geezer Quest." But where are they going to find an old, deaf, du,b, blind, and, above all, rich groom?