Book Review of Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Bk 16)

Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Bk 16)
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I am not going to give a big review but this was the best book in this series. We see Acheron's past what he had to deal with since the day he was second time born (in the first couple of pages you will know what it means. His as life was documented by is sister Ryssa (Apollo's then lover that was killed as well as their son and started the Apollites curse), Little did Ash know there were many journals including the way to kill Apollo and his twin plus other secrets that no one should know about. Its the reason the brought Acheron and Tory together. Tory and her team discovered many more items like another Atlantian dagger, coins but also a journal that she was showing to the world, she is still trying to clear her family's name but a certain man would find ways to ruin her. Acheron was in no mood to deal with anymore people thinking they found Atlantis. He was thinking the Doctor has something that wasnt anything of importance but when he saw his sister writing on a journal about his birth that was uncovered from the ruins of his formal home/prison. Now he finds out her team also discovered another journal and this one is even worse cause this one has many secrets about Acheron and also the goddess that owns him, he is in a race again time to find that journal before it gets into the wrong hands and to bring destruction to the world.

Defiantly a 5+++ read