Book Review of Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not
Author: Stef Ann Holm
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Imagine yourself as a well-bred city girl, leaving the security of the city after six years of marriage to an abusive husband, and ending up in a crude cow town. Imagine having all your money and worldly possession mistakenly taken. Imagine applying for the job of ranch cook in order to survive and you have never cooked a meal. Imagine falling in love with a man whose own mother abandoned him as a child and who has no time for a fragile city girl. If you can imagine yourself in this situation, you're, Josephine Wittaker, the heroine of "Forget Me Not". On the surface, the book is filled with humor. Some scenes are absolutely hilarious, but under the humor is much much more. The book is about relationships, about people who've been hurt and who're learning to trust and love again. One of the novel's forte is the brilliance of the author's characterization. Each of the major characters is unique in his/her own way. Even the minor characters are not stereotypes, but individuals with their own personality and voice. Boot, the hero's father is a vivid and unique personality and so are the cowboys who work on ranch. Josephine is a fiesty heroine, a woman who has suffered and is brave enough to go after a new life. J.D is strong and silent, afraid to love but when he does he loves fiercely. The story is fast-paced and readers will be sure to applaud when Josephine eventually proves to J.D that she has the grit and gumption to be a rancher's wife.