Book Review of Beguiled (Harlequin Historical Romance, No 408)

Beguiled (Harlequin Historical Romance, No 408)
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From amazon:An injury during her childhood stripped Lady Lillian Walford's vocal cords until the only sounds she could make were harsh and painful. Her reclusive, loving brother blackmails Anthony Harbreas, Earl of Graydon, into escorting Lily about London during her Season. Although nearly engaged to another woman, Graydon falls in love with Lily and uses a kidnapping setup organized by her brother to convince her to marry him. In an effort to shield Lily from malicious gossip, Graydon doesn't bring her back with him to London after the Christmas holiday, convincing Lily that he is ashamed of her. Secondary romances between Lily's brother and her aunt, forbidden by British law, and a fiery courtship between Lily's cousin and Graydon's best friend are threaded throughout the book.
Magnificent story with well-developed characters and views on how mutes and deaf-mutes were treated by Society. Highly recommended to historical and regency romance fans, particularly those who like a little depth to their romances