Book Review of Reprieve From Hell

Reprieve From Hell
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I have a special interest in the activities of the Americans and Filipinos who fought or were held captive by the Japanese after the latter's capture of the Philippines. As a result, I have an entire shelf or more of books covering this area of World War II history.

Samuel Mooody writes an interesting story about his captivity by the Japanese, but, based upon my extensive readings, some of his stories do not ring true. Plus, there are several places in the book where he contradicts himself about events and people.

I'm not calling him a liar, but he would not be the first person to somewhat expand on his experiences while writing a book. Perhaps most of what he writes did happen top him, but sometimes people include other people's stories in their books as events happening to themselves. As a Viet Nam War veteran I've had people tell me stories about their activities in events that I knew weren't true, as I was there when the events happened. Plus, the listing of people who didn't even serve in the armed forces but claimed to be war heroes is extensive, and even includes politicians.

So, enjoy this book, even though what the American and Filipino soldiers endured from the Japanese was beyond reason. It is not commonly known, but one in 20 Filipinos died during the extremely harsh Japanese occupation of their country. Their resistance to that occupation is one of their greatest moments in history. Just remember that the book may not truly relate all that happened to SSGT Moody. However, knowing what the average American and Filipino POW had to endure, I would not have switched places with him for a billion dollars.