Book Review of Home Again (Timeswept)

Home Again (Timeswept)
Home Again (Timeswept)
Author: Lenora Nazworth
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Mediocre time-travel romance
From the back cover:

Jody Calhoun and Chase Spence were at odds even before they met. She was an antiques lover who wanted to restore the Victorian mansion known as Spence House to its former glory. He was a wealthy developer who was about to tear it down. But when Jody put herself in front of the wrecking ball, she never dreamed she'd be sent back in time, on a mission to right a wrong for a restless ghost--or that the infuriating Chase would soon be right by her side.

Thrust in the middle of the War Between the States, forced to play the parts of long-lost lovers, Jody and Chase were pulled together by the same forces that had pitted them against each other. As the line between dream and reality faded, each had the feeling that they had met before, that they were destined for each other. And these sworn adversaries would be forced to recognize the timeless power of their blossoming love before the spirits could be at peace, before they could return to their own time, before they could ever truly be home again.