Book Review of Fallout (Crank, Bk 3)

Fallout (Crank, Bk 3)
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I still have a few pages to go before finishing (I'm trying to savor each page) and I can already rate Fallout five stars. Like the other reviewer said, it's powerful. So powerful. I wish I was as good with words as Ellen Hopkins' is - maybe then I could convey my feelings properly.
Hopkins' has no "bad" books - they're all powerful in their own right and they are ALL worth reading. My favorites are, and always will be I think, the "Kristina" books, of which this is the third.
I honestly feel Hopkins' has at least enough material, not to mention talent, to keep this going. She could do a book each on the kids, at least another book and possible more on Kristina herself, she could even spin off and do a book on Ron, the others, her parents, etc. Is she? No. She's not. She's ending it here. And as sad, so utterly sad, as that makes me, it also makes me respect Hopkins' on a whole other level. Because I know of no other author, and I mean this, who hasn't, doesn't and/or wouldn't milk this for everything that can be squeezed out of it. It's all about the money right? Well, she's stopping here. She's stopping and giving her readers a huge gift at the same time. We'll all be able to remember the Kristina books fondly instead of being bogged down with the 17th book coming out in 2015.
Hopkins' threw herself on a different scale with this IMO and she deserves the utmost respect IMO. There are reasons her readers love her and it goes far beyond the fact that her books are amazing and different from all the rest, it's because she's real and that shines through in her works. I will always, always be an Ellen Hopkins fan.