Book Review of Sightwitch (Witchlands, Bk 3)

Sightwitch (Witchlands, Bk 3)
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This was a good prequel to the Witchlands series. I enjoyed all the history and it helps readers to understand the magic system a lot better. I also liked how everything was laid out in here with pictures and journal entries.

The story is good, but very short. We hear from three POVs throughout. The book is half from a couple years before the Witchlands series starts and half from 1000 years before that. The portion of the book from the recent past alternates between Tanzi (Ryber's best friend) and Ryber's POV. The other half of the book occurs in the far past (1000 years ago) and is told from Eridysi Gochienka's POV. The two different settings (near past and far past) alternate throughout the book.

Overall it's a good story and provides some nice background on the history of this world and how magic works. I would recommend to fans of the series. I wouldn't really recommend as a stand alone; there just wasn't enough story here to allow this to stand alone well.