Book Review of Healthy for Life: The Scientific Breakthrough Program for Looking, Feeling, and Staying Healthy Without Deprivation

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Hyperinsulinemia: a killer
This book -- one among several saviours.
If you have insulin resistance, get this or PROTEIN POWER LIFEPLAN by the doctors Eades.

Editorial Reviews
From Publishers Weekly
In their new book, the doctors Heller expand upon the principles behind their Carbohydrate Addict's Diet, citing further research to support their contention that controlling carbohydrate intake can improve one's health. Here the focus is on insulin, specifically having too much of it, a condition called Profactor-H by the Hellers, which, they observe, is linked to obesity, heart disease, adult-onset diabetes and cancer. Beginning with a quiz to help readers determine whether they might be Profactor-H positive, the authors offer suggestions for preventing or even reversing this hormonal imbalance. Diet plans, food lists, exercise options and recipes are included. Seasoned dieters will likely be surprised by the fat and calorie content of many of the recommended low-carbohydrate meals. The Hellers' suggestions for food substitutions and behavioral changes, though perhaps less radical than the text intimates, seem, nevertheless, sound and sufficiently easy to attempt. 150,000 first printing; author tour.
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From Library Journal
More medical miracles: the authors of the New York Times best-selling The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet (LJ 5/15/91) argue that nine killer diseases are all related to Profactor-H, or hyperinsulimia (too much insulin).
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